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MRI X.5 Is Here!

MRI Software has just released its latest version - X.5 and it's filled with some great features.  Its improved design provides for a greater user experience and with these new tips from Saboy, you'll be a pro in no time flat!

In a hurry? Download Saboy's How To's to go!

Favoriting Menu Items

Now in addition to the ability to favorite reports, you can favorite menu items.  When you hover over a menu item, you can click on the star.


Once you favorite a menu item, it will show up on the newly added menu star icon on the

left panel. 

Advanced Report Filtering

The Advanced filtering option is back!  X.5 gives you the ability to further refine data results by adding a filter to your reports. 

On any report, there is an Advanced Filtering link.  Once you click on this link, you have the ability to add one or more filters. 


After clicking Save, you can give the filter a name and save the filter for future use.

New Rebranded Reports

MRI has released new versions of existing reports in version X.5.  The reports are the same but they have been reformatted for a more professional look.  To view these reports, simply type MRIX in the report search field.


Here is a sample report file:


Contact Saboy today to learn about these and many more awesome new features available

on MRI X.5!

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