Cash Map Balance Report


The newest available report, 

coming to your Accounts Payable.


This newest report allows a user to view

a breakdown of the summed-up balances

of cash accounts per Entity, based on the

Bank and Period that the report is run for.

What is it?

The report uses the Cash Map within the Entity setup page to determine which entities and cash accounts are associated with the Bank, or Banks, that the report is being run for. This report can also be run from within the Bank Reconciliation screen by selecting it from the I Want To… dropdown list.


When selecting this report from within the Bank Reconciliation screen, it will be automatically sent to the Communication Center for the respective Bank and Period of the selected Bank Reconciliation.


From within the Bank Reconciliation screen, users have always been able to select the View Bank Cash Map link from the I Want To… dropdown list, which would open a modal showing the Entities that the Bank is mapped to. However, this modal does not show a cash account balance per Entity.

Now, a user can easily run the Cash Map Balance Report from this same dropdown list, as well as outside of the Bank Reconciliation screen, in order to validate the total cash account balance that they’re reconciling to.

This will assist with researching/troubleshooting cash account imbalances that appear within the Bank Reconciliation.


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